Living From the Secret Place

Time alone with God was never intended to be a boring duty or empty ritual. It was meant to be a passionate pursuit of God that leads to encountering His presence and knowing Him more.

Living From the Secret Place is a call to personal devotion. If we are to grow in our relationship with God, we must prioritize time alone with Him. If we are to bear the fruit that God is looking for, our roots must go deep into Him. While many believers know these truths, they often struggle to consistently engage with God or have regular times in His presence.

This book will awaken you to the joy of living life from the secret place. Following the teachings and example of Jesus, we can develop a lifestyle of personal devotion that is life-changing and rewarding. With rich scriptural truths, personal examples, and practical teaching, this book will equip you to grow in the most important thing you can do—spend time alone with God!

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Rooted [Discipleship Manual]

The Rooted Discipleship Manual is all about spiritual growth. Being saved and set free should be seen as a beginning, not an end. We are born again into God’s Kingdom, and now we are called to know God intimately, mature in Christ, and produce the fruit that He desires. In order for this to happen, we must be rooted.

This discipleship manual will help equip you with foundational truths and spiritual disciplines necessary to grow in your relationship with God. Each lesson contains biblical teaching combined with sections for reflection and personal application. Rooted can be used for personal study and growth, small group teaching and discussion, or as a tool for discipling others.

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Restoring the Ministry of Jesus

Why does the ministry of Jesus look so different from what is commonly seen today? Can we actually do what Jesus did?

Everywhere Jesus went, people were miraculously healed, set free from evil spirits, and transformed by powerful teaching and preaching. Restoring the Ministry of Jesus calls us back to the foundation of walking like Jesus walked and doing what Jesus did. It shows how to bridge the gap from our current condition to walking in our inheritance in Christ. As you read, your heart will be stirred to seek God’s face and go after all that He has for you and the church today!

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How to Minister Deliverance [Training Manual]

God is restoring deliverance to the church, but many believers feel intimidated or ill-equipped to cast out demons. Perhaps the only examples they have seen use bizarre, unbiblical, or unhelpful methods.

How to Minister Deliverance is a training manual that will help equip and empower you to step into the ministry of deliverance. This manual is not just for church leaders—it is for any believer who wants to begin or grow in ministering deliverance.

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Setting Captives Free

Deliverance was a key part of Jesus’ ministry and we need it today more than ever. Even in our modern day, demons work to influence and oppress. But it takes the compassion of Father God, the power of the Spirit, and the model of Jesus Christ to cast out demons, bringing the oppressed into freedom and wholeness.

In this user-friendly handbook, pastor and author Jake Kail equips everyday Christians to effectively cast out demons, setting the captives free with power and compassion. With easy-to-follow strategies, powerful Biblical principles, and real life testimonies, Jake helps you release deliverance–starting with your own life!

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Hypocrisy Exposed

How do sexual predators, domestic abusers, and false prophets blend into our churches undetected? How do some people appear to be so godly in public, but live a life of complete darkness and unrepentant sin in private? How can a person cause terrible damage to others without feeling any genuine remorse? The answer to these questions lies in understanding the nature of hypocrisy.

Jesus warned us to be on guard against hypocrisy, but we have often not understood what the term actually means. Hypocrisy is not when a righteous person sins, it is when an evil person pretends to be good. God is shining light in the church and exposing hidden things. It’s time to grow in wisdom and discernment so that we can spot wolves in sheep’s clothing and recognize hypocrisy in our midst!

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Keys for Deliverance

Deliverance from evil spirits is a topic that has often been avoided in the church. But for Jesus and His early followers, it was completely normal to cast out demons. Keys for Deliverance removes the fear, stigma, and confusion from the topic of deliverance. Using a biblical approach and many real-life testimonies, this book will help equip the average believer to be able to both receive deliverance and minister it to others.

We cannot afford to avoid the topic of deliverance from evil spirits any longer. God is restoring this crucial ministry to the church, and it's time to take an honest look at what the Bible has to say about it. Read this book and find the keys for getting free and setting others free!

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Discovering Your Destiny

We all know that we were created with a God-given purpose. Yet, many believers go through life without a clear sense of what they are specifically called to do. Discovering Your Destiny outlines biblical principles for how to walk in your calling. Using relevant personal illustrations and examples from the Bible, this practical book will put tools in your hands to help you discover and fulfill your destiny.

You will learn about how destiny flows out of relationship with God, the clues God gives to reveal your destiny, and the process of how your destiny unfolds. Each chapter includes questions for reflection or discussion, making this book a great resource for both personal and small group study!

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Abiding in the Vine

Abiding in the Vine is a collection of 40 devotional writings that are meant to feed your spirit and draw you closer to God. Rich with the Word of God and insights into the Spirit-filled life, each reflection will bring understanding and encouragement, as well as challenge you to go deeper in your walk with Christ. The reflections in this book are organized into seven categories: the Word, the Christian life, prayer, the Holy Spirit, healing, contending for the faith, and the church. Abiding in the Vine is great for personal devotion, or to give as a gift!

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Kids Empowered Curriculum

KIDS EMPOWERED! is a twelve-month Kids Ministry curriculum that is designed to lead kids into a real relationship with God. Just like Jesus valued and welcomed children, we must see kids as vital members of the kingdom of God. They can know God, hear His voice, walk in His ways, and move in the Holy Spirit at their young age!

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